LX-200 Software:

MeadeTst.BAS (zip file: 3.06KB)

The Meade LX-200 demo program shown in the back of the manual. I do not support this software; I just typed it in. I have changed some of the software itself so that it reads a little different.
There is no warranty, implied or otherwise.
Again, I just typed it in!
If you DON'T want to have to type it in,
then download this file and
make your own changes! <G>

Click the icon to get the program, click the text to get a description of what the program does.
Basic Program to convert Epoch2000sk ephemerides output to decimal format.

LX200 Longitude Calculator (WIN32 only). JAVA version coming soon.

LX200 & Autostar Serial Communications Test Program (WIN32) only.

Pictor SCSI Host Adapter test program