Description of the LX-200 Software Programs:

LX200 Longitude Calculator -- This program will calculate the correct value to put into the LX-200 for your Longitude, given your actual Longitude as degrees East or West. WIN-32 only (JAVA version is coming soon). -- This program will test for an LX-200 or an Autostar on the COM port you select from a combo-box. If found you then have the option to test your Electric Focuser. You have to listen for the focuser and answer a message box requstor. Use this program to "debug" your serial cable or just test your COM port to be certain it is running. This is a WIN-32 program only. -- This program will check for an Adaptec Host Adapter card on your Desktop or Laptop and will use the SCSI Host Adapter number to copy a PICTOR.INI file with the correct SCSI entry for the HOST_ADAPTER property. To run this program prepare a PICTOR0.INI (that is a zero on the end of the PICTOR string) and a PICTOR1.INI (that is a one on the end of the PICTOR string). Put them into a folder along with the scanscsi.exe program. Open a Command Prompt window and change to the folder where you put scanscsi.exe. Execute scanscsi.exe by just typing "scanscsi". You will now have a PICTOR.INI file with the correct name. If you don't get a PICTOR.INI file, then a SCSI host adapter was not found. You can re-run scanscsi.exe with a "d" (scanscsi d) option. This will spit out all kinds of information to your screen. You need WNASPI32.DLL to run this program. This is a WIN-32 only program.